Are you looking for something to eat?

Goat Lips offers counter service, front-room dining and to-go during the lunch hours. During the evening, service extends to the pub room, the bar, the deck & backyard.

First-time diners, beware! There’s a difficult decision ahead of you:

  • Do you want The Best Club Sandwich in the World? How about one of the best pot roast dinners you have ever eaten?

  • Our famous muffuletta, a New Orleans-inspired classic, is served with our homemade olive pesto salad.  We’ve recently added a Shrimp Po’ Boy to the menu as we jazz things up even more.

  • Maybe you would like the Blackened Fish Sandwich with our homemade, chipotle mayo? Regulars love the Gyro (add feta!) with cucumber dill sauce.

  • We sprinkle our Italian Sub with grilled peppers, onion and an olive oil drizzle on our special, toasted bread. Try the Chicken Parmesan Sandwich, with just the right amount of rich marinara.

  • If you’re feeling adventurous, have a run at our SPICY Caribbean Jerk Chicken Sandwich. If you’re feeling festive, try a Grilled Burrito or a Quesadilla with veggies or chicken.

  • When you’re ready for dinner, we’ll tempt you with Blackened Fish Alfredo and Meat Loaf.

As you can see, there’s plenty of wonderful options for you to choose from. Each menu offering deserves a chance, so make your choice from the menu below, and we’ll save the rest for the next time you visit!